The Internet of Things and the Corporate World


Bob Emmerson recently wrote an article in in which he stated, "Sky-high guesstimates for the Internet of Things--10B devices by 2016 (Cisco), 50B by 2020 (Ericsson)--can overshadow the importance of this concept in corporate environments. In this context, the Internet of Corporate Things is a more meaningful term. General Electric calls it the Industrial Internet. But whatever term you employ, a serious, significant development is taking shape."

Emmerson continues, "Axeda defines the Internet of Corporate Things as "an approach to the management of the physical products that a company delivers to its customers and the management of a company's corporate assets including facilities and plants, operational equipment, vehicles and goods being delivered". A couple of years ago I would have dismissed that statement as being far-fetched, since M2M solutions were largely operating in uncoordinated, proprietary silos. Too many barriers would have to be dismantled before anything like that kind of enterprise-wide concept could be realized. But two years later it's becoming clear that holistic solutions are definitely on the radar screen. The integration of M2M systems into enterprise environments is a first step, and it was covered earlier this year in M2M As An Integral Part Of The Enterprise. That article suggested that you think of this development as the Internet of Business Things. We're also seeing more M2M solutions that are cloud-centric."

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Image: Courtesy Flickr/ mikecogh