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Interview: Semantic Tech at the BBC

By   /  November 1, 2012  /  No Comments

Lee Feigenbaum of CMS Wire recently interviewed the BBC regarding the company’s adoption of semantic web technologies.

Lee Feigenbaum of Cambridge Semantics recently interviewed (on CMS Wire) the BBC regarding the company’s adoption of semantic web technologies. Feigenbaum writes, “The BBC’s website for the 2010 World Cup was notable for the raw amount of rich information that it contained. Every player on every team in every group had their own web page, and the ease with which you could navigate from one piece of content to the next was remarkable. Within the Semantic Web community, the website was notable for one more reason: it was made possible by the BBC’s embrace of Semantic Web technologies.”

He goes on, “In the first two articles in this series on the Semantic Web, we first looked at an overview of the Semantic Web and then looked at Semantic Web technologies in detail. This time around, I’m pleased to share the story of the BBC’s adoption of Semantic Web technologies to help power BBC Online, as related to me by Yves Raimond (BBC Senior R&D Engineer), Michael Smethurst (BBC Senior Content Producer) and Olivier Thereaux (BBC Senior Technologist).”

Read the interview here.

Image: Courtesy BBC

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