Introducing Atosho

Atosho has stepped onto the semantic advertising scene with a new ecommerce tool “which allows web users to buy products via a sophisticated web banner or widget, which the company refers to as a Microshop.” The article continues, “Imagine you are reading an article on a fashion blog and it mentions a certain pair of shoes from a designer. The Atosho tool would deliver those particular shoes or similar ones to the user on the same page. The user could then view the product, order it and pay for it without having to leave the page.”

“For retailers,” it goes on, “Atosho is an online advertising network, which allows them to distribute their products to the websites where the content is directly relevant -- either mentioning a specific product or similar, just like how Google AdSense ads work. But instead of text links or display advertising, the Atosho network offers a purchase point.”

It adds, “Atosho uses semantic analysis to work out what content is on any given page and serve relevant products. The products displayed could be from a wide range of retailers, but delivered into a little retail environment which looks like the website you are on. If several of Atosho's partners are trying to sell the same product, Atosho's algorithm, which combines a price comparison and a quality of service comparison engine, will deliver the best deal to the consumer. If Atosho doesn't have the exact product mentioned amongst its retail partners, it will deliver a similar item.”

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Image: Courtesy Atosho