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Introducing Buyosphere

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A new article takes a look at Buyosphere, a semantic start-up in the e-commerce realm.

A new article takes a look at Buyosphere, a semantic start-up in the e-commerce realm: “Buyosphere, a fresh start-up, is trying to democratize the information about your shopping practices and patterns. The best part is that you control and use your data. Semantic commerce is good for everyone. The customers who will own their own data can have control and insight of their buying pattern. Brands/vendors (who will have insight to such data, when granted, can ensure better product recommendations and customer satisfaction apart from better planning, preparation and expansion opportunities.”

The article continues, “Buyosphere, which was a TechCrunch Disrupt alumnus, recently launched after going through a re-branding where they changed over from their old identity – Shwowp. The concept of Buyosphere is to do away with the need for web cookies and other ways by which users are currently tracked online. Information and shopping history information communicated directly by consumers to brands holds more value for brands and enables a better feedback and engagement between them. There could also be opportunities for users to exchange information for deals and offers from brands.”

It goes on, “Buyosphere works pretty much like your status update except that here you do it with your trusted circle of friends and the updates are about stuff you buy and shop for. As the internet is moving towards web 3.0 where all the data assimilation currently happening will see more effective use of such data; it looks like Buyosphere might be heading towards a promising service.”

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Image: Courtesy Buyosphere

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