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Introducing CLAROS – Art Meets Semantic Web

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David De Roure recently reported on the launch of CLAROS.

David De Roure recently reported on the launch of CLAROS: “It would be a mistake to think of it as another humanities database or repository. Fair enough, it does provide access to spectacular content with 2 million records and images of world art, a human and programmatic interface and a significant contribution to the world of Linked Data (millions of RDF triples, SPARQL endpoint, …) But it’s not Yet Another Repository (shall we call that YAR?) – not a vessel of reposing data but an active and growing amalgamation of scholarly databases in an international interdisciplinary research federation. It comprises major collections in university research institutes and museums… and it has a truly impressive image search capability!”

De Roure continues, “At the launch event, Andrew Zisserman (multiple view geometry guru) walked up to a genuine 2500 year old classical Greek vase borrowed from the Ashmolean Museum for the occasion, phone in hand. I was not alone in thinking he was going to take a picture, upload to the website and have it search for similar pictures. But no, as the webcam focused on his device we saw him go from the image of the vase to displaying the image on the back of the vase from a museum in a few finger movements. Behind the scenes there had been seamless image matching (independent of viewing angle!), record lookup and image retrieval. This was much more than a YAR.”

Learn more about CLAROS here.

Image: Courtesy Flickr/ Wild Guru Larry

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