Introducing Semantic Startup Jetlore

Anthony Ha of Tech Crunch reports, "We cover a lot of startups using social data, but Eldar Sadikov, co-founder of a company called Jetlore, said whenever someone else wants to build a social app, they have to 'reinvent the wheel again and again.' That’s why Jetlore is launching a platform designed to power these kinds of services. Sadikov said he wants his platform to serve as 'a layer that sits between social networks and consumer Internet companies.' The company’s specialty is analyzing pieces of text and matching that text with different topics."

Ha continues, "According to Sadikov, Jetlore isn’t just identifying keywords, but also figuring out the context in which those keywords are being used. To use one example that he actually showed me, if you mention the Giants in a tweet or Facebook post, Jetlore can tell from the context whether you’re talking about the football team or the baseball team. Or if you mention bridesmaids, the platform distinguishes whether you’re referring to the movie or an actual wedding. And while there are other semantic analysis tools out there, Sadikov argued that they’re mostly designed to analyze longer pieces of text, like an article or a blog post, and have trouble with 'short, colloquial content' — which is, of course, the kind of content that dominates Facebook and Twitter."

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Image: Courtesy Jetlore