Introducing Sherpa Next: Easier, More Efficient Mobile Search


Elaine Fiolet of reports that mobile search company Sherpa has "launched its new software, Sherpa Next, which adds search and predictive capabilities to the smart personal assistant feature that its one million users already know. With Sherpa Next, CEO Xabier Uribe-Etxberria wants to 'reinvent search' and provide a more compelling user experience than the list of blue links that we all know from Google. Going head to head against is a bold move, but I have to admit, from the demo I saw during my meeting with Xabier, I was pretty impressed by the efficiency and the visual experience delivered by Sherpa Next."

Fiolet continues, "Using predictive algorithm, Sherpa Next anticipates your needs based on your preferences and displays a time line of the day’s activities on the home screen, and includes weather forecast, relevant news, sports scores, and recent updates from your social network.  The system learns from your past searches and frequently search data, and pushes them to your home screen without the need of typing a query. The patented technology behind Sherpa Next is quite complex, it mixes artificial intelligence, semantic and natural language algorithms."