Introducing the (Work-in-Progress) LOCAH Archives Hub Dataset

The Linked Open Copac Archives Hub (LOCAH) Project recently announced “the release of, the first Linked Data set produced by the LOCAH project. The team has been working hard since the beginning of the project on modelling the complex archival data and transforming it into RDF Linked Data. This is now available in a variety of forms via the home page.” The announcement notes, “We’re working on a visualisation prototype that provides an example of how we link the Hub Data with other Linked Data sources on the Web using our enhanced dataset to provide a useful graphical resource for researchers.”

The article emphasizes, “One important point to note is that this initial release is a selected subset, representative of the Hub collection descriptions as a proof of concept, and does not contain the full Archives Hub dataset at present, although we are very keen to explore this in the future. We still have some work to do, this being the initial release of the Hub data. Some revisions for a later release will address a few issues including reconciling our internal person and subject names, and will also contain some further enhancements to the data to include links to Library of Congress subject headings and further links to DBPedia based on subject terms. We also hope to include links for place names using Geonames and Ordnance Survey.”

The LOCAH Archives Hub dataset homepage notes that “at this time, the dataset should be considered unstable, and its content may change substantially at any time without warning.” It also notes, “We encourage feedback on the data, the model and any other aspect of, so please leave comments or contact us directly.”

Image: Courtesy LOCAH Archives Hub