Introducing Wikitude

A recent article talks about a young company in the realm of augmented reality: Wikitude, a company that is “leading the charge on today’s Augmented Reality front. Wikitude has seen a number of accolades over its short three year history, including today’s announcement of their pre-installation on every future BlackBerry device.” CEO Martin Herdina describes augmented reality as “an enrichment of reality, via additional information and virtual content, making it much more than just some text overlaid on top of an image. It could be text, but we’re seeing more and more video and animation enrichment, including 3D object overlays.”

The article continues, “While the applications of AR technologies are seemingly endless, Wikitude focuses primarily on location based services and social networks through its flagship product, the Wikitude World Browser, with the primary goal of helping the user explore and enrich their surroundings… while Wikitude is collecting and being fed data from a vast array of content providers, Herdina notes that a large portion of Wikitude’s available content offerings are provided by their user driven content groups. is an open subsection of where users can create their own points of interest to be made instantly available in the World, accessible from the app’s home screen.”

Herdina noted, “With over 130+million points of interest, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with data. Having the right system methods, or utilizing semantic web technologies will allow us to serve more relevant, more targeted data to users.”

Image: Courtesy Wikitude