Introducing, Chinese Linked Open Data

Announced this week at ISWC, a new paper introduces, the first effort to publish large scale Chinese semantic data and link that data together as Chinese Linked Open Data, or CLOD. According to the abstract, “Linking Open Data (LOD) has become one of the most important community efforts to publish high-quality interconnected semantic data. Such data has been widely used in many applications to provide intelligent services like entity search, personalized recommendation and so on. While DBpedia, one of the LOD core data sources, contains resources described in multilingual versions and semantic data in English is proliferating, there is very few work on publishing Chinese semantic data.”

The article abstract continues, “In this paper… we identify important structural features in three largest Chinese encyclopedia sites (i.e., Baidu Baike, Hudong Baike, and Chinese Wikipedia) for extraction and propose several data-level mapping strategies for automatic link discovery. As a result, the CLOD has more than 5 million distinct entities and we simply link CLOD with the existing LOD based on the multilingual characteristic of Wikipedia. Finally, we also introduce three Web access entries namely SPARQL endpoint, lookup interface and detailed data view, which conform to the principles of publishing data sources to LOD.”

Read the full paper here.

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