IO Informatics Launches Sentient iDA with Sage-N Research

A new article out of the company reports, "IO Informatics, the leader in semantic data integration and knowledge management for life sciences and healthcare, announced today it has launched its Sentient iDA in cooperation with Sage-N Research, Inc., the inventor of Integrated Data Appliance (iDA) systems. As the result of a partnership announced March 2012, a new line of iDA products and services will be released, forming plug-and-play, end-to-end solutions for researchers to integrate, discover, and visualize experimental data and information from public resources."

The article continues, "The new Sentient product provides data resources and analytical tools that are pre-loaded onto the Sage-N Research iDA. This collaboration will provide an intuitive interface to enrich internal data with semantically integrated public reference resources, including UniProt, Diseasome, Drugbank, SIDER, and STITCH. Sage-N Research will leverage their plug-and-play expertise to ensure researchers will be up and running straight out of the box. Additionally, the new product offering will provide 100% of the maintenance and offers server class reliability."

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Image: Courtesy IO Informatics