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IoT in the Global Agriculture Market Growths Substantially

By   /  November 26, 2018  /  No Comments

In a recent press release, Research and Markets announced their predictions for IoT in the Global Agriculture Market, from 2018-2023. With the coming of information and communication technologies, the farming industry has witnessing a new evolutionary phase. IoT technologies have thoroughly transformed the world of agriculture by offering decision support systems. IoT in agriculture comes with wide-ranging components and enables farmers to use a multifaceted view of farming operations. IoT technologies can collect data regarding soil and crop behavior, livestock conditions & locations, agricultural machines, and the inventory status, etc. The systems use a mixture of different technologies, including sensors, RFID tags, cloud computing, and data management software.

Over the last ten years, the agricultural industry has gone through a massive transformation as a result of the increasing demands for sustainable farming practices. The rising global population has resulted in concerns about food security and shortages across the world. The agricultural industry’s interest in using the IoT in farming has developed rapidly, changing the ways crop farm management, indoor farming, and aquaculture are done. The potential advantages of using IoT technology in agriculture are wide-ranging and the adoption of IoT technology for farming promises increased productivity and sustainability.

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