Is Data Too Big To Know?

Steven Rosenbaum of Forbes recently posed the question, is there too much information out there? He writes, "If anyone knows anything about the web, where it's been and where it's going, it’s David Weinberger.  As a co-author of the seminal Clue Train Manifesto, Weinberger gave a generation of web innovators a clue as to how the web would evolve. In Too Big To Know Weinberger sets out to argue that the very nature of information and ideas is changing, even as you flip the pages of his book."

Rosenbaum continues, "The world was, almost since the beginning of time, built around the concept of triangular knowledge. At the bottom of  the triangle is data. Raw and unstructured.  The Knowledge Triangle presented first in 1988 by Russel Akkoff presented DIKW (Data, Information,  Knowledge, Wisdom) as the basis for our information ecology.  Weinberger says our Information Age was built on this pyramid – creating an elaborate filtering system to sort Wisdom from Data."

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Image: Courtesy David Weinberger