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Is Google Hi-Jacking the Semantic Web?

By   /  May 22, 2012  /  No Comments

by Angela Guess

The web has been abuzz with talk of Google’s new Knowledge Graph. Sean Golliher of SemanticWeb.com commented on the news, “For those involved in the Semantic Web, Google’s ‘Knowledge Graph’ is nothing new. After watching the video, and reading through the announcements, the Google engineers are giving the impression, to those familiar with this field, that they have created something new and innovative. While it ‘s commendable that Google is improving search it’s interesting to note the direct translations of Google’s ‘new language’ to the existing semantic web vocabulary.”

He goes on, “Normally engineers and researchers quote, or at least reference, the original sources of their ideas. One can’t help but notice that the semantic web isn’t mentioned in any of Google’s announcements. After watching the different reactions from the semantic web community I found that many took notice of the language Google used and how the ideas from the semantic web were repackaged as ‘new’ and discovered by Google.”

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photo credit: Google

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