James Hendler on the State of the Semantic Web

James Hendler was recently interviewed regarding the state of the World Wide Web and advances in semantic technology. Asked about the proliferation of the web, Hendler commented, "The Web is changing very fast and it has a very rapid effect on our economy. Consider something like aeroplanes which, as a subject, has been studied all along. On the contrary, the Web has happened so fast and hit so many places that we never really had time to understand it. Many of the periodical works on the Web are being done on the data collected in 1999. In 1999 Facebook didn't exist. Twitter didn't exist. A lot of people study Twitter. But again that is just one thing. Wikipedia has been successful, while most ‘wikis' have failed. Online, we are now discovering the power of the (individual's) voice and governments do not know how to deal with it."

Asked about the current lack of general awareness surrounding the Semantic Web, Hendler mused, "I think one of the reasons that people do not know that Semantic Web is happening is because it is something like what ‘Intel' is. It tells you - ‘Intel inside'. The semantic Web is something like that. It does not tell you ‘Semantic Web inside'. It's already there inside several applications but people using them may not realize that the Semantic Web is already there."

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