Jeff Hawkins on Open Source and Machine Learning Meeting Big Data

Simon Phipps of InfoWorld recently wrote, "At OSCON in Portland, Ore., last month, I had the chance to meet Jeff Hawkins, the inventor of the Palm Pilot and arguably the father of the smartphone. I learned that he is now pioneering the analysis of huge streams of real-time data using insights gained as a neuroscientist. His company offers a product that can learn the characteristics of data streams, predict their future actions, and identifiy anomalies. He has just recently taken the core of that product and released it as a GPLv3-licensed open source project on GitHub so that anyone can build machine intelligence into their systems. Below is a video of our discussion, followed by an edited version of the interview."

During the interview, Hawkins comments, "We've been working on modeling, figuring out how parts of the neocortex works -- which is the big region on top of your head -- and we figured out first what it does and then how it does it. But we've been applying it to problems where you can take streams of data, model the data, and then predict the future. We have a product called Grok that takes data from windmills, energy meters, and other machines and can predict future values. It can detect when anomalies are occurring and things like that. We have a business side to what we're doing, but we're here at OSCON to talk about the new open source project where we take these learning algorithms, which are essentially models of the neocortex, a slice of the neocortex, and put them in an open source project. It's been up for a couple of months now. It's called NuPIC, the Numenta Platform for Intelligent Computing."

Read the interview here, or take a look below.

Image: Courtesy InfoWorld