Jinni Launches Natural Language Video Discovery Engine

According to an article out of the company, Jinni launched a "radically new NLU (natural language understanding) discovery engine to power the first voice-activated video guides that understand natural human language. Until now, the voice-activated TV experience was limited to basic commands because that was all the guide could process. The Jinni NLU engine leverages the company’s unique Entertainment Genome™ to interpret natural human speech and derive the underlying meaning to enable rich, intuitive interaction between users and their TVs.  Now users will be able to simply tell their TV what they are in the mood to watch and Jinni will find the most fitting content from live TV, VOD and any other available video catalog."

The article continues, "Jinni’s NLU engine enables a truly natural, intuitive user experience. Simply tell the TV want you want, for example: 'Is there anything witty and romantic on TV tonight?' 'Show us something like Dexter on VOD.' 'I want to watch something funny about an obnoxious boss.' 'Consumer demand has changed dramatically and today people expect to be able to interact with technology in a very natural, personalized way,' explained Jinni co-founder and CEO, Yosi Glick. 'This is the core belief that inspired our semantic approach to video discovery and has allowed us to bring such an advanced NLU solution to market so quickly.' The Jinni gene-based discovery solution has differentiated itself from other engines by taking content analysis and unique user-centric recommendations to the next level – with natural language understanding capabilities, Jinni meets the growing consumer demand for a semantic cross-platform experience."

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Image: Courtesy Jinni