Jobs in Semantics

Collabera is looking for a Senior Java Developer in Frederick, MD. The position requires at least eight years of IT experience and experience with RDF, SPARQL, R&D rapid prototyping, SWRL, JENA Web Framework, CVS/SVN, and XML. Collabera is “a fast growing, end-to-end information technology services and solutions provider working with leading Global 2000 organizations from the Financial Services, Technology, Communications & Media, Manufacturing & Retail, Energy and Utilities domains.”

ITA Software is seeking a Semantic Database Curator/Tester for their new platform: “Needle ( is a new database platform that allows anyone with a web browser to collect structured data from websites, feeds and spreadsheets, and merge it into a consistent online database. The Needle team has multiple openings for a data curator and pre-release software tester, who will juggle the following roles: Conceive of, build, publish and promote a variety of attention-getting demo databases using Needle. Maintain existing databases, some of which require manual weekly updating and cleaning. Write scripts (in languages like Perl or Python) that exercise Needle's API to automate repetitive data-cleaning tasks. Provide support to customers and prospects who are building their own databases with Needle.”

Image: Courtesy Collbera