JSON-LD Added To List of Formats Recommended For Use With Schema.org

LOGO: Semantic Technology & Business Conference; June 2-5, 2013, San Francisco, CaliforniaOn Wednesday, The Semantic Technology and Business Conference will feature as a near-to-the-end session a panel dubbed WebSchemas: Schema.org and Vocabulary Collaboration. The session, which includes Google's Dan Brickley as its organizer, is expected to include a discussion of a piece of news announced on Monday. Writes Brickley here: "Schema.org is all about shared vocabulary - it helps integrate data across applications, Web sites and data formats. We are adding JSON-LD to the list of formats we recommend for use with schema.org, alongside Microdata and RDFa - each has strengths and weaknesses for different usage scenarios."
He notes that there are some technical details to be covered regarding exactly how schema.org terms are defined for JSON-LD usage, "but it is already clear that JSON-LD is a useful contribution to structured data sharing in the Web."  W3C's work on JSON-LD, he said, provides mechanisms for interpreting structured data in JSON that promotes interoperability with other data formats, and that  it provides value for developers and publishers, and improves the flow of information between JSON and other environments.
The session where you should have a chance to learn more this  takes place at 2:15 today, in Imperial A.