Key Benefits of Using Semantic Web Technology

Arnaud Le Hors and Steve Speicher of IBM recently composed a case study: "Open Services Lifecycle Collaboration framework based on Linked Data." In the introduction they write, "The Rational group in IBM has for several years been employing a read/write usage of Linked Data as an architectural style for integrating a suite of applications, and we have shipped commercial products using this technology. We have found that this read/write usage of Linked Data has helped us solve several perennial problems that we had been unable to successfully solve with other application integration architectural styles that we have explored in the past."

They go on, "The applications IBM Rational has integrated are primarily in the domain of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) but other groups such as IBM Tivoli are following suit in domains such as Integrated Service Management (ISM). We believe that our experiences using read/write Linked Data to solve application integration problems could be broadly relevant and applicable within the IT industry."

Read the full case study here.

Image: Courtesy IBM