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KEYW Releases Data Analytics Development Tool, Hog, to the Open Source Community

By   /  September 19, 2016  /  No Comments

kwby Angela Guess

A recent press release reports, “The KEYW Holding Corporation today announced the release of Hog, an integrated development environment (IDE), to the open source community. Hog builds on a recognized big data and cyber analytics staple, Apache Pig, to provide an environment where both analysts with minimal or no coding abilities—and experienced script developers can efficiently perform queries on large sets of data. Watch a brief video clip on the application. Hog provides a drag-and-drop interface that allows analysts to directly interact with large data sets without needing to fully understand Pig development or coding—and an interface where experienced developers can leverage added features of Hog using the traditional Pig scripts. Regardless of skill level, Hog is an end-to-end solution for effectively analyzing large data sets.”

The release goes on, “Key Features of Hog: Simple Page Option – For users with no coding experience to select the desired data analytics functions and script modifications using a drag-and-drop interface. Complex PageOption – For the experienced Pig script developers to write Pig scripts in a traditional development environment while benefiting from the added Hog features. Transition from Simple to Complex Page – Allows experienced and non-experienced users to work together using both the simple and complex interfaces. Graphs Data Results – Users can view results in graphic or table form to quickly identify trends and spikes. List – Displays every script created in Hog and allows viewing, editing or deleting as needed. Autocomplete, Syntax Colorization and Versioning – Users in the complex page area can use autocomplete and syntax colorization for usability and versioning to return to any version of the script at any point.”

Read more at Nasdaq.com.

Photo credit: KEYW

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