Kickvox Launches iOS and Andriod Search Apps

Ken Yeung of The Next Web writes, "Kickvox, a company that dedicates itself to 'reengineering' mobile search, has launched its iOS and Android applications in an attempt to show smartphone users what it thinks mobile search should look and act like. Alan Nowogrodski, the company’s co-founder and CEO says that it’s a broken feature: 'the search industry is conceivably the only industry that looks virtually the same as it did a decade ago, yet the platforms that we use to search the web have changed significantly.' To that end, what Kickvox is offering is an app that has a 'visually stunning' interface that was created specifically for the mobile device. Through its development, the company says that results will be displayed faster allowing for easier browsing and better navigation."

Nowogrodski stated, "Mobile users don’t want a laundry list of sites and cluttered text they need to squint in order to read; they want visually rich content that makes it easy to pinpoint what they need and move on." Yeung continues, "Inside the app, Kickvox uses shortcuts and icons that are purpose-built for touch screen mobile platforms, drawing data from Yahoo! Answers, Wikipedia, Yelp, Rotten Tomatoes and other services via dedicated apps. When a search is performed, the app automatically categorizes listings into relevant groups, including shopping, music, Q&A, movies, reviews, educational and more."

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Image: Courtesy Kickvox