Klappo Hopes to Improve Health with Its Semantic Platform for Ingredients


Jasper Hamill of Forbes recently wrote, "Perhaps the diet sector may soon be looking very emaciated indeed, due to the tasty-looking emerging market in health, wellness and nutrition apps… One of the companies hoping to join in this feeding frenzy is Klappo, a London-based startup which describes itself as a 'semantic platform for ingredients'. I went to visit this fledgling firm at its Shoreditch headquarters to get a sense of what sort of dish it intends to serve this growing industry. 'Food is our focus,' explains the firm’s Italian founder and CEO Massimiliano Del Vita. 'We want to feed proper data to all the companies who want to innovate and give them access to a huge knowledge base about recipes, products and foods so they can build the best apps possible'.”


According to the company website, "Klappo uses semantics to add new layers of intelligence to food data. With Klappo, innovative food suppliers and app developers have the most comprehensive platform from which they can quickly and accurately create relevant tools for consumers to make informed decisions about food… Through our Natural Language Engine we are processing millions of recipes to collect data and knowledge about how food is prepared… We embrace Big Data. Our Database has generated a huge amount of datapoint that are used to increase the accuracy of our output."


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Image: Courtesy Klappo