Klout Expands its Influence to LinkedIn

According to a recent article, “Klout, a startup that measures influence on Twitter and Facebook, is expanding its product today with the addition of LinkedIn. With the launch of Klout scoring for LinkedIn, you’ll be able to add your LinkedIn account to your Klout score and see your influence on the professional social network network itself… Klout evaluates users’ behavior with complex ranking algorithms and semantic analysis of content to measure the influence of individuals on social networks. On Twitter, Klout’s influence score is based on a user’s ability to drive action through Tweets, Retweets and more. On Facebook, Klout will examine how conversations and content generate interest and engagement, via likes, comments, and more, from the network’s nearly 700 million users.”

The article continues, “While Klout declined to give specifics on exactly what they are anlyzing (i.e. Likes, Tweets); the startup said it will analyze your interactions on the LinkedIn, who you are interacting with and engaging, and what types of content you are sharing with contacts. It’s important to note that simply having more connections on LinkedIn won’t get you a higher Klout score; it’s about the quality of those connections. If you have your LinkedIn account synced on Klout, your influence on the network will soon be added to your overall Klout score.” Learn more about how Klout works here.

Image: Courtesy Klout