Klout Launches Brand Squads

Leena Rao reports that Klout, the influence measuring tool, is launching a new feature called Brand Squads. David Temple of Klout stated that Brand Squads "are Klout’s way of giving influencers a place to be recognized and have a direct impact on the brands they care about most." Rao notes, "Previously, brands had more simple pages with just their Klout Score. Brand Squads is a different twist on brand pages, where top influencers for brands have a chance to be recognized and have an impact on the brand."

Rao continues, "With these dedicated pages for brands, Klout users can see a dynamic list of top influencers for each brand, watch conversations flow across social media, monitor information about a brand’s recent developments, and earn access to special Perks. Perks are exclusive offers or experiences, given as a result of your Klout score."

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Image: Courtesy Klout