Knight Foundation Funds Internet Archive to the Tune of $1M

Roger Macdonald and Brewster Kahle of the Knight Foundation recently wrote, "We are seeing more and more public benefits arising from applying digital search and analysis to news from our most pervasive and persuasive medium— television. That’s why, we are thrilled to announce that the Internet Archive, one of the world’s largest public digital libraries, is expanding our television news research library to make readily available hundreds of thousands of hours of U.S. television news programs for users to search, quote and borrow. The expansion plan is being supported by $1 million in funding from Knight Foundation. With this support, we will grow our TV News Search & Borrow service, which currently includes more than 400,000 broadcasts dating back to June 2009, to add hundreds of thousands of new broadcasts."

According to a press release, "The service uses closed captioning to allow users to search, quote and borrow U.S. TV news programs. Available at no charge, the public can use the index of searchable text and short-streamed clips to explore TV news. In this way, they can discover important resources, better understand context, verify facts and share insights. The research service does not facilitate downloading, but individuals have the opportunity view whole programs at the Internet Archive’s library in San Francisco or borrow them on DVD-ROMs. Along with enhancing current offerings, funding will also go to expanding the archive to add new features and website enhancements that will improve user experience and strengthen audience engagement. Plans are also underway to integrate it with media partner collections."

Read more here. You can also hear Roger Macdonald speak about semantic video at SemTechBiz. He'll be on the panel, Beyond the Blob: Semantic Video's Coming of Age.

Image: Courtesy Knight Foundation