Kontera Flips the Model Between Advertising and Content

Joe Mandese of Online Media Daily reports, "In a surprising twist for the advertising industry, the hottest new model being developed by digital ad platforms is flipping the historic model between advertising and content: Instead of editorial or entertainment content being a conduit to distribute advertising, advertising is becoming a means for distributing content. The latest manifestation of this trend comes from Kontera, a company that helped pioneer the field of so-called 'in-text' advertising, which today will unveil an ambitious new initiative enabling advertisers to pull any form of content -- including 'owned,' professionally produced or user-generated -- directly into some new, dynamically served advertising units."

Mandese continues, "Kontera calls the effort a 'content activation platform,' and it is powered by a sophisticated semantic technology it developed that crawls millions of professionally produced and user-generated pages of content on the Web and associates, and filters them based on their contextual relevance to a brand’s advertising message. The platform enables advertisers and agency executives to pull that content directly into real-time ads served on publishers' pages."

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Image: Courtesy Kontera