Larry Page Steps Up as Google’s New CEO. Will Semantic Search Gain Traction?

Yesterday Google co-founder Larry Page took over as CEO of the company: “Eric Schmidt, who was ‘adult supervision,’ and CEO for 10 years will remain chairman. He will continue representing Google in the public (something Page hates to do).”

According to the article, “Googlers and ex-Googlers say the company's new CEO, cofounder Larry Page, is an unpretentious, rude person who will find interacting with other people the most challenging part of his new job. They say his next biggest challenge will be keeping an eye on revenues, profits, and the other numbers that Wall Street and ‘traditional MBA types’ obsess over. But these people also describe Page as ‘brilliant’ – an ‘intellectually honest person’ with a ‘vision stronger than arguably anyone in the industry.’”

Industry insiders think that Page’s list of to-dos should include firing several top executives, improving search, finding a way to beat Facebook or give up trying, and buying Twitter as soon as possible.

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Image: Courtesy Flickr/ bpedro