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LexisNexis Releases New Version of Lexis Advance

By   /  January 19, 2012  /  No Comments

Lexis Nexis has announced a new release of Lexis Advance.

Lexis Nexis has announced a new release of Lexis Advance which includes “content enriched using SRA’s industry-leading NetOwl® text and entity analytics technology, delivering a more sophisticated semantic search capability to enable legal professionals to conduct better, faster and more relevant research. As one key part of the Lexis Advance application, NetOwl’s entity and relationship extraction capabilities semantically enrich the vast amounts of text-based content offered to legal professional customers.”

The article continues, “Combining the semantic information extracted from text by NetOwl with LexisNexis identity resolution technology significantly improves accuracy when surfacing relevant content for customers researching specific entities such as attorneys and law firms. NetOwl’s content processing provides more sophisticated discovery capabilities and advanced answer filtering, enhancing the ability for users to quickly locate the most relevant documents and efficiently analyze legal information.”

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Image: Courtesy LexisNexis

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