LinguaSys Joins with Telum to Provide Global Multilingual Social Media Analysis for the Gist Mill

BOCA RATON, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--LinguaSys, Inc., the international provider of human language technologies producing highly customized multilingual text analytics and natural language processing solutions, today announced it has contracted with Telum Protection Corporation to integrate its technology into The Gist Mill®, a unique social network and media analysis system.

The Gist Mill® is a Telum Proprietary Big Data solution that leverages the latest data scientific methodologies, analytic engines and Hadoop technologies, in order to generate actionable insight. By harvesting massive amounts of data, regardless of whether the source is real time social media, in foreign languages or legacy databases, the Gist Mill® is uniquely created to solve Big Data problem sets. The addition of LinguaSys’ technology enables the Gist Mill® to detect nuances in discussions, sentiment, relationships, linkages and discovery in the original source language.

The Gist Mill® is currently used by leading global clients to help them ingest massive amounts of data and deliver discovery across the electronic spectrum. This partnership helps companies stay ahead of unfolding events, spot trends and assist decision makers in real time, regardless of the source data language. Telum chose LinguaSys to help The Gist Mill® improve fidelity for sentiment, concepts, context, relevance and understanding. LinguaSys works closely with The Gist Mill’s® experienced data scientists to evolve semantic understanding of regional dialect in order to deliver rapid insight and situational awareness for end users. Additionally, The Gist Mill® offers access to experienced human analysts.

LinguaSys is built on human grammar rather than statistics, mimicking human understanding. It doesn't just deliver synonyms out of the dictionary. It has a linguistic engine that allows it to 'understand' synonyms. LinguaSys delivers multilingual analytics through grammatically aware concept mapping, enhanced analytics and link discovery, extending real time media monitoring and brand management. LinguaSys uses interlingual natural language understanding to break down text into concepts and meanings, allowing detailed and easily customized text and sentiment analysis, real time language translation and fast, highly cost-effective natural language user interfaces (NLUI).

About LinguaSys, Inc.

LinguaSys solves human language challenges in Big Data and social media for blue chip clients around the world. Its natural language processing software provides real time multilingual text analysis and fast, cost-effective natural language user interfaces (NLUI). The solutions are powered by LinguaSys’ Carabao Linguistic Virtual Machine™, a proprietary interlingual technology, to deliver faster and more accurate results. Designed to be easily customized by clients, the solutions can be used via SaaS or behind the firewall. Headquartered in Boca Raton, FL, LinguaSys is an IBM Business @LinguaSys33431

About Telum Corporation

Founded in 2008, Telum is an established provider of specialized services and solutions to the Departments of Defense, State and other government entities. Telum’s depth and relevance of experience with the U.S. Special Operations and Intelligence communities enables us to provide unique skill-sets of services. http://www.telumcorp.com

Original Release: BusinessWire

Image: Courtesy LinguaSys