Linked Data on the Rise in SOA Efforts

Joe McKendrick of ZDnet recently argued that Linked Data is the next frontier for service-oriented businesses. He turns to a paper in the Semantic Web Journal for support. McKendrick writes, "Data is the extremely valuable commodity that the business needs to manage, digest and share, but the challenge of data integration hasn’t been fully resolved by XML, Web services or service oriented architecture. The paper, co-authored by a team led by Philipp Frischmuth and Jakub Klímek and posted on the Semantic Web Journal site, observes that classic SOA implementations to date have focused on transaction processing, but organizations seeking to being together their disparate data silos need to move on to the next step: linked data."

He continues, "As they explain, the rise of ERP, CRM and an abundance of systems enterprises now rely on call for a new approach: 'Classic SOA architectures may be well-suited for transaction processing, however more efficient technologies are available today that can be employed for enterprise data integration. In particular, the use of the linked data paradigm for integrating enterprise data appears to be a very promising approach.'"

McKendrick adds, "Within enterprise, linked data is manifested through what the authors call 'enterprise knowledge intranets' or, alternatively, an 'enterprise data web' that complements SOA and assorted intranets. This linked data layer on top of databases addresses the data lifecycle and management issues for the enterprise and for all its systems, including extraction, storage, querying and linking. Essentially, the authors are calling for a service-oriented data services layer that can feed any and all applications and users."

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Image: Courtesy Flickr/ Dvortygirl