Linked Open Vocabularies Now an Official OKF Project

Pierre-Yves Vandenbussche recently wrote, "We are delighted to announce that Linked Open Vocabularies is now being hosted on Open Knowledge Foundation servers and is now officially an Open Knowledge Foundation project… The LOV project was born in the framework of the Datalift project which aims at providing a platform to lift data from semi-structured formats (csv, xls, etc.) to linked data. Part of this project under Mondeca's company responsibility was focused on vocabulary selection and re-use. The LOV project purpose goes now far beyond this original catalogue. The LOV dataset is maintained by Bernard Vatant and Pierre-Yves Vandenbussche."

He describes the project in five points: "(1) LOV is about vocabularies (aka. metadata element sets or ontologies) in OWL / RDFS used to describe linked data. (2) LOV provides a single-stop access to the Vocabulary Commons ecosystem. (3) LOV helps to improve vocabularies understanding, visibility, usability, synergy, sustainability and overall quality. (4) LOV promotes a technically and socially sustainable management of the Vocabulary Commons ecosystem. (5) LOV is a community and open project. You are welcome to join the team of gardeners of the Vocabulary Commons!"

Learn more here.

Image: Courtesy LOV