Listen to the Principles for Open Semantic Enterprise

Jim Harris recently posted episode seven of the Open MIKE Podcast, Guiding Principles for the Open Semantic Enterprise. Harris explains, "Method for an Integrated Knowledge Environment (MIKE2.0) is an open source delivery framework for Enterprise Information Management, which provides a comprehensive methodology that can be applied across a number of different projects within the Information Management space…  The Open MIKE Podcast is a video podcast show, hosted by Jim Harris, which discusses aspects of the MIKE2.0 framework, and features content contributed to MIKE 2.0 Wiki Articles, Blog Posts, and Discussion Forums."

This particular podcast is based on Mike Bergman's article, Seven Pillars of the Open Semantic Enterprise. In that piece, Bergman writes, "By open semantic enterprise we mean an organization that uses the languages and standards of the semantic Web, including RDF, RDFS, OWL, SPARQL and others to integrate existing information assets, using the best practices of linked data and the open world assumption, and targeting knowledge management applications. It does so using some or all of the seven foundational pieces ('pillars') noted herein."

Read more here, or watch the podcast below.

Open MIKE Podcast - Episode 07 from Jim Harris on Vimeo.

Image: Courtesy Jim Harris