LMI Named a Winner in Destination Innovation Competition


Steven Overly of the Washington Post reports, "Four Washington area companies were crowned winners at the Northern Virginia Technology Council’s Destination Innovation event Wednesday, bringing an end to a months-long competition that pitted companies against one another in four distinct categories: social, commerce, government and security… McLean-based LMI won the government category for its OpenPolicy product, which makes it easier to sift through massive documents."


According to the LMI website, "The government has a wealth of policy knowledge derived from specialists in myriad fields. What it lacked, until now, was a flexible method for searching the content of thousands of policies using the knowledge of those experts. LMI has developed a tool—OpenPolicy™—to provide agencies with the ability to capture the knowledge of their experts and use it to intuitively search their massive storehouse of policy at hyper speeds. Traditional search engines produce document-level results. There’s no simple way to search document contents and pinpoint appropriate paragraphs. OpenPolicy solves this problem. The search tool, running on a semantic-web database platform, LMI SME-developed ontologies, and web-based computing power, can currently host tens of thousands of pages of electronic documents. Using domain-specific vocabularies (ontologies), the tool also suggests possible search terms and phrases to help users refine their search and obtain better results."


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Image: Courtesy LMI