So Long Traditional Travel Reviews, Hello Meta-Reviews


Tnooz recently interviewed TrustYou CEO Benjamin Jost about the future of travel search. Jost discussed meta-reviews, "a summary of a hotel’s reputation derived from semantic analysis of reviews across the world. Jost elaborates, "Meta-Reviews are a trusted summary of relevant reviews worldwide, showing the most talked about and most relevant attributes of a particular hotel, along with some special, important-to-know ‘nuggets’ of information that are unique to the particular hotel. Different signals are taking into account; for example, the most recent content carries a higher weight. We also start to experiment with different weighting for verified reviews versus unverified ones. Bottom line, think of Meta-Reviews as the Cliff’s Notes for thousands and thousands of reviews; they give travelers the best possible summary of all reviews for faster, more informed booking decisions."


Jost goes on, "We think these summaries will become invaluable, both on websites as well as on mobile, where time and space is extremely limited. Who really wants to read through thousands of reviews or has time to do so? We believe the great majority of travelers want to digest the pros and cons about a hotel or restaurant. These insights are hidden in reviews. So why not taking the work out of finding these insights and present it in the form of consumable summaries? That’s the idea behind the Meta-Review."


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Image: Courtesy TrustYou