Major Updates on State iPhone App Help People to Connect Globally

Major Updates on State iPhone App Help People to Connect Globally and to Explore All Points of View

LONDON, May 1, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- State launched a major mobile app update for iPhone today that makes it easier for anyone to quickly State their opinions, get them counted and connect with others around the world who share their views. The app features a new world map that shows global conversation unfolding in real-time for each topic, plotting clusters of like-minded people and instantly uniting them around issues they care about.


Often only the most popular, least tolerant or loudest get heard. Commenting online is unsatisfying. Conversations are dominated by a handful of extremists or a single point of view. No collective wisdom emerges. Connections are even harder to come by. State's iPhone app, now available to download in the App Store, changes that dynamic.


Other new State app highlights:


  • People can toggle between colorful word maps that capture the views of the crowd and reveal the full spectrum of opinion on an issue.
  • Simpler one-step sharing with friends, family and colleagues, making it easier to bring others into the conversation.
  • Fresh insights from aggregated opinions that enrich conversations and interactions.


How Opinion Topics Work on State


Opinions on State are organized by topic and hundreds of new topics are created every day. Each opinion on State is interactive: it generates instant feedback to the contributor, sparks conversation, surfaces relevant links and related topics. The network's unique browser-based bookmarklet enables articles, video and photos to be connected to the network via an associated opinion with one click. Social sharing of opinions to Facebook and Twitter is enabled through both the web and mobile versions of State. Insights that emerge from the global opinion network can be shared with companies, communities and organizations.


Each structured opinion in State builds the network and contributes to the intelligence that emerges from the community. State's platform marks the progression to the semantic web, enabling people to share opinions and important insights beyond the boundaries of websites, geographic borders or social reach.


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