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Manufacturing and the Internet of Things

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A recent article takes a look at the role that the manufacturing industry is taking in the ‘Internet of Things.’

A recent article takes a look at the role that the manufacturing industry is taking in the ‘Internet of Things.’ It states, “At its core, the whole idea of the ‘Internet of Things’ is to literally have everything imaginable connected to a network so that information from all these connected ‘things’ can be stored, transferred, analyzed and acted upon in new and, usually automated, ways via network connections with everything else… A lot of the groundwork supporting the potential for the Internet of Things is being laid in the manufacturing industries.

“There’s been an ‘intranet of things’ in manufacturing for years now.” stated Tony Paine, president of Kepware, a technology company that develops communication and interoperability software. The article adds, “Paine points to the growing use of preventative and condition-based monitoring that are widely accepted, if not always implemented, by most manufacturers.”

It continues, “This connected approach to maintenance is very similar to the Internet of Things concept of ‘connecting a range of devices and systems together by putting sensors out in the field and retrofitting older equipment to pull in info and make decisions,’ Paine says. ‘For example, if you have a system that’s supposed to run in a range from x to y, you can put in a temperature sensor to see if it goes out of range before it runs out of spec.’ Taking the idea a step further are manufacturers looking to connecting all these devices for higher-level decision-making by connecting them to manufacturing execution systems (MES) or enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems for multiple plant connectivity from the device to the enterprise level.”

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Image: Courtesy Flickr/ SheildConnectors

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