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Master Data Chefs and the Citizen Data Scientist

By   /  June 24, 2015  /  No Comments

chefby Angela Guess

Dan Woods recently wrote for Forbes, “Data scientists are like the master chefs of the business world… Companies invest heavily to hire these experts. They are a precious resource and one that is all the more limited because they alone must prepare all the ingredients that go into everything that comes out of that kitchen. In other words, they spend so much time in data prep to serve the broad needs of the organization that little time remains for them to be creative and answer vital business questions. But perhaps things are changing in the world of big data analytics. Gartner recently introduced the idea of the citizen data scientist, a result of technical advances that promise to open up of the boundaries of data science and invite others within the organization to adopt some of the advanced analytics of the data scientist lifestyle.”

Woods goes on, “This has the potential to relieve data scientists of some of their distractions to focus on bigger questions. It is a compelling vision, so let’s look beyond rhetoric and see if we can identify the changes needed to turn the dream into a reality that yields greater production from our master data chefs. So, who is a candidate for this new role? They are people who are not only looking for answers, but actively looking for ways to solve problems themselves and create something new in the process.  They want to cook, not just eat. In terms of your organization, these are people who don’t just ask for answers, but look for the ability to find solutions to their own questions. They could come from anywhere in the business, from analysts, to line managers to IT. They are likely to be your squeaky wheels, frustrated by the current set of information dashboards and forever producing request tickets asking for changes to the dashboards.”

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photo credit: Flickr/ eschipul

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