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MDM Is Growing Up

By   /  November 27, 2012  /  No Comments

by Angela Guess

Andy Hayler of CIO UK recently shared his insights regarding the continually developing Master Data Management sector. He writes, “The master data management (MDM) industry has now been around for about a decade: it does not have an obvious date to put on its birth certificate but the term started to be bandied about around 2002, though there had been precursor products a few years earlier that specialised in the handling of particular data domains, specifically customer and product data.”

He goes on, “The term became solidified when one of the industry majors, SAP, brought out a product with the MDM name in 2003, though after poor take-up they purchased a company called A2i in 2004 and relaunched it as SAP MDM. What is intriguing is seeing how the industry has developed and the degree to which mergers and acquisitions have played a part in shaping the industry. With MDM, as with almost every enterprise software development, innovation came from small startups rather than lumbering industry giants. A company called DWL built a customer hub as far back as 1996, mainly for the financial services industry. Siperian was founded in 2000, also focused on customer data but aimed at the life sciences industry. Software dealing with mastering product data goes back further, with Hybris founded in 1997, Heiler as far back as 1987, and Stibo even earlier.”

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photo credit: Commander 7th Fleet

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