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MDM: Not Sexy, But Vital

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NASCAR Duct Tape, in association with 3Mby Angela Guess

Julie Langenkamp-Muenkel of Information Management writes, “Analyst and researcher Aaron Zornes of The MDM Institute says that although master data management isn’t as thrilling as big data or cloud, it’s still a factor for industry disruption.” Zornes told Langenkamp-Muenkel, “I would say that MDM is on a solid, boring trajectory. It’s boring because it’s so mainstream that everyone who can do MDM is getting organized on the data management and the data governance sides. So we don’t have the thrill of cloud or big data, but cloud and big data are nuances of what we do in the MDM world. In fact, I’ve been rather disappointed that when I look at what’s been going on in the marketplace overall, it seems like some of the vendors have been totally distracted by big data.”

Zornes continued, “Meanwhile, the companies I talk to are still concerned about how to clean up their customer data, product data and supplier data; how to coordinate their different departments and lines of businesses so they have common reporting metrics; and how to share customer or product data with their suppliers – all pretty basic stuff. It’s stuff that is not necessarily considered exciting these days, but it sure is important to the company because if they do it wrong, they’re toast. And, likewise, if they do it right they get a huge boost in their trajectory, either in terms of disrupting an industry or in terms of enabling greater customer service, greater wallet share, greater economies of scale, greater mergers and acquisition capabilities, etc. etc. So MDM is very solid.”

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