Microsoft’s Bing becomes Wolfram|Alpha API Customer

Microsoft and Wolfram|Alpha both announced today (via their blogs) that Microsoft's Bing decision engine is one of the first Wolfram|Alpha Webservice API customers.
From Wolfram's site..."Starting today, Wolfram|Alpha's knowledge, computed from expertly curated data, will enrich Bing's results in select areas across nutrition, health, and advanced mathematics."  The full post can be found here:

Wolfram Blog Post

From Microsoft's site..."we‘ll be providing access to Wolfram|Alpha’s advanced algorithms and expertly curated data within the Bing experience. This new and exciting work is completely aligned with our broader goal of enabling faster, more informed decisions. Specifically, we will bring nutritional information and tools into Bing’s search results, as well as some straight up hard math and homework help." The full post can be found here:

Microsoft Blog Post