MIT Lincoln Laboratory Wins R&D 100 Award for Structured Knowledge Space Software

Dorothy Ryan of the MIT Lincoln Laboratory reports, "Two technologies developed at MIT Lincoln Laboratory were among the 2013 choices for prestigious R&D 100 Awards. The Photoacoustic Sensing of Explosives system detects and discriminates trace amounts of explosives from significant standoff distances. The Structured Knowledge Space software and information system enables analysts to mine the vast store of intelligence reports available to government decision makers."

Ryan goes on, "The Structured Knowledge Space (SKS) software system was designed as a solution to the data problem faced by users of military and intelligence reporting: 'How do we take advantage of the enormous amounts of information communicated daily through a wide variety of reporting venues?' SKS combines open-source technologies, custom-built software, and domain knowledge about the important entities in intelligence reporting to create a robust system that facilitates search over a document collection that had previously been largely unsearchable. SKS ingests, processes, and indexes operational and intelligence documents and extracts information for future retrieval, dis­play, and analysis… 'SKS demonstrates the use of modern text retrieval and natural language processing tools to unlock the knowledge frozen in a large set of heterogeneous documents, including closed formats. This gives analysts faster insights and more timely information,' says Delsey Sherrill, a principal developer of SKS."

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Image: Courtesy MIT