Mobiles Republic Launches News Republic 2.0

One week after closing a $3 million funding round, Mobiles Republic has launched version 2.0 of the company's popular News Republic app for Android and iOS. Paul Sawers reports, "News Republic is a neat app that lets users curate their own news feed by creating ‘channels’, covering broad subjects such as technology, business and sports, whilst also letting them build more topic-specific feeds, such as ‘football’, ‘Apple Inc.’ or ‘Barack Obama’. With version 2.0 now out of the starting blocks, it has been given a brand new ‘look-and-feel’, and we must say it really is rather nice."

Sawers continues, "Cleaner, mosaic-based interfaces aside, it also comes replete with a host of new features, such as ‘Moods’ which is kind of similar to the ‘Like’ feature on Facebook, but much more extensive. It lets you ‘react’ to articles, so you can either let the world know that you’re astonishedpleasedindifferentworried or sorry, about a particular story. You can also choose to filter stories based on the mood created in other readers."

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Image: Courtesy Mobiles Republic