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MonkeyLearn Unveils its Powerful and Affordable Artificial Intelligence Technology Platform for Developers

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MonkeyLearn logoA recent release from MonkeyLearn states, “Developers, startups, and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) now have access to a powerful, customizable, and affordable artificial intelligence (AI) technology platform for text mining, MonkeyLearn. As one of the first companies to meet the demands of a new, sophisticated era of AI, MonkeyLearn will be unveiled in beta today at TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco. MonkeyLearn’s patent-pending algorithm creation engine allows developers in any industry to quickly and easily create and incorporate text mining capabilities into their own platforms, applications and websites, regardless of their experience with AI technologies. Artificial intelligence technologies for text mining have become a priority for Internet and technology companies, as they allow them to understand users’ interests and provide similar or relevant recommendations.”

The announcement also includes, “In fact, many popular consumer services today feature these capabilities, such as Google’s search engine, or movie and song recommendations featured by Netflix and Spotify, respectively. However, incorporating the technology has historically been very complex, requiring an outsourced AI technology expert that most startups or SMEs do not have the resources to hire. The founders of artificial intelligence company, Tryolabs, recognized this need and created MonkeyLearn to solve it. Similar to how WordPress enabled someone without design or programming skills to create a website or blog within minutes, MonkeyLearn makes it easy for any developer to incorporate and use AI technology with just a few of lines of code.”

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