Moomat's Semantic Search to Power Spotify Discovery Service

Robert Evatt of Tulsa World reports, "In a small office in downtown Tulsa, Moomat is building a different search that goes beyond inserting text into a search bar. Moomat's new search technology sifts through databases and automatically finds relationships between points of data, such as suggesting that a person who is looking for President Lincoln might also be interested in learning about his Confederate counterpart Jefferson Davis, or automatically showing how many degrees a specific actor is separated from Kevin Bacon.  The company's goal is to license its technology for use in public and private databases worldwide, but it has now signed on a big-name partner - Spotify, the popular music streaming and discovery service."

Evatt continues, "Moomat announced the Spotify service will be fully integrated into CultureScout, Moomat's iPad application that explores the relationships between music, movies and art. When a user finds songs that have connections with other items that are searched for, the Spotify integration will allow users to play the entire song without having to leave the app. Daniel Mooney, CEO and co-founder of Moomat, said they've been told Culture-Scout is one of the first apps to be integrated with the full version of Spotify, rather than just having the capability of searching Spotify's database."

He adds, "CultureScout finds results through a database of more than 300 million data points, connecting more than 40 million songs, two million bands, 2.5 million books, 200,000 films, 1 million television episodes, 40,000 record labels, 53,000 architectural structures, 16,000 pieces of art and 20,000 video games. Some of the data is curated by Moomat, while some are from outside sources like Wikipedia or Apple's music database, Edwardes said. However, it's not always as simple as just getting names and titles. 'Connecting data can be tricky,' he said. 'David Bowie could refer to the singer, or it could refer to a local person that got arrested.' The company's search technology depends on semantic relationships. Technology may look to see whether the David Bowie information contains references to his music or acting."

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Image: Courtesy Moomat