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Morro Data Accelerates Cloud with Cache and Sync

By   /  April 3, 2017  /  No Comments

by Angela Guess

According to a recent press release, “Morro Systems an innovator in file transfer and storage solutions for SMBs has launched its Morro Data Cached Cloud Service. Using Morro Data, SMBs can easily sync, share, transfer and save unstructured files across sites, between business partners and into cloud storage. Media and Entertainment, Biotech, Design houses, and others generate large workflow files that must be stored safely and distributed both internally and externally to clients. Big Data is here and files are getting larger. With the Morro Data Cached Cloud-on-LAN file access experience, users enjoy a familiar drive letter interface. File sync and cloud storage becomes a simple drag-and-drop operation, eliminating time consuming uploads and bypassing PC storage limitations.”

Sam Bogoch, CEO of axle Video, the leading vendor of affordable media management software, commented, “We’re delighted to be partnering with Morro Data and have tested axle 2017 with the CacheDrive, with excellent results… We believe this solution offers powerful new capabilities for video teams who have to edit and review media at multiple locations. Before this, synchronizing files at 2 or more locations would have taken complex and sophisticated tools, or a lot of manual effort.  Morro makes it easy, with familiar network-volume shares for each site.”

Paul Tien, Founder & CEO of Morro Systems, noted, “What is good for enterprise is also beneficial for small and medium businesses. However, the same technology needs to be redesigned to be more user friendly, more affordable, and more integrated… We designed the Morro Cloud and associated CacheDrive device using our innovative xCache O/S and Morro Sync Engine technology, to vaporize drives into the cloud while keeping high performance through a local cache. Small and Medium Business can now also experience the benefits of cloud storage and convenient file transfer with a Fast, Simple and Affordable solution.”

Read more at PRweb.

Photo credit: Morro Data

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