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Most Popular DATAVERSITY Content in 2012

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DVSnowflakesby Shannon Kempe

DATAVERSITY™ selected twenty of its most popular content in 2012 including: Blogs, Articles, White Papers, Interviews, and Webinars available On Demand. In reviewing the most popular pieces of 2012, it was clear that DATAVERSITY subscribers were hot on NoSQL and Big Data topics. Data Modeling (especially when discussing modeling NoSQL databases) and Enterprise Information Management (EIM) topics like Master Data Management also continue to be very popular topics of interest. Data Governance and Quality of course continues to be a staple topic month over month.

Here is a list of some of the most popular DATAVERSITY content in 2012 (click HERE to see all pages):

  1. Article: So you want to be a Data Scientist?
  2. Article: The Growth of Unstructured Data: What to Do with All Those Zettabytes?
  3. Article: ACID vs. BASE: The Shifting pH of Database Transaction Processing
  4. Blog: Is There Such a Thing As Predictive Analytics?
  5. Article: BI/Analytics on NoSQL: Review of Architectures Part 1
  6. Webinar: Intro to NoSQL and MongoDB
  7. Blog: Looking for Data Scientists from Within – Start with Marketing
  8. Article: Big Data and Data Science: Love at First Byte
  9. White Paper: Why NoSQL? A primer on Managing the Transition from RDBMS to NoSQL 
  10. Article: The New Wave of Data as a Service
  11. Webinar: The Top 5 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Big Data Solution
  12. Blog: Size Doesn’t Matter…or Does it? A Rant on Big Data Terms 
  13. Webinar: 10 Best Practices for Successful MDM Implementations from MDM Experts
  14. Webinar: Big Challenges in Data Modeling – NoSQL 
  15. Blog: Meeting Smart Grid’s Big Data Demands with JPA
  16. Blog: SSD vs. HDD – The Missing Considerations
  17. Interview: An Interview with John A. Zachman
  18. Blog: From Control to No Control: A Change in the Leadership Paradigm
  19. RWDG Webinar: Master Data Management & Data Governance 
  20. DataEd Webinar: Practical Data Modeling

To see all 20 pieces, click HERE. We look forward to bringing you more great content in 2013!

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