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Moving Forward with Open Definition

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Mike Linksvayer of OpenDefinition.org recently wrote, “Open Definition (OD) is one of the first projects that the Open Knowledge Foundation created.”

Mike Linksvayer of OpenDefinition.org recently wrote, “Open Definition (OD) is one of the first projects that the Open Knowledge Foundation created. Its purpose has been to provide, promote — and protect — a meaningful Open in Open Data and Open Content. It does this primarily through curating the Open Knowledge Definition (OKD), working with license stewards to ensure new licenses intending to be open are clearly so, and keeping lists of licenses that conform to the OKD, and those that do not — providing any entity intending to create an open project, or mandate ‘open’ in policy, with a clear reference as to which licenses will achieve their aims. With the growth in ‘open’ and especially of open data initiatives in the last few years there has been an increasing amount for the project to do especially in terms of reviewing and evaluating licenses. For 2013 we see several important areas of work.”

Those areas include: “OKD v1.2 — we’ve seen license conditions cropping up that are certainly contrary to the spirit of the definition and implicitly non-conformant. It ought be possible for anyone with some understanding of public licenses to do a quick read of the definition and understand its meaning for a particular license without having to know all of the history of open definitions and licenses. Review important new licenses and license versions for OKD compliance, e.g. Open Government License Canada, and version 4.0 of CC-BY and CC-BY-SA. Moving linguistic translations into a git repository for better review and updating. Improve explanations and graphics available on the OD site for anyone who wants to learn about open knowledge and services, and proudly announce to the world that their projects are open.”

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Image: Courtesy OpenDefinition.org

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