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Must-Attend Keynote Sessions at SemTechBiz NYC

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The Semantic Technology and Business Conference is heading back to the Big Apple in October.

The Semantic Technology and Business Conference is heading back to the Big Apple in October. The conference — which will take place October 15-17 in New York City — will feature keynote speeches from top movers and shakers in the fields of Semantic Web Technology, Big Data, Enterprise Semantics, and more. Registration for the event is now open.

Keynote Presentations

Watson Goes Back to School – And what it tells us about the evolving role of semantic technology
by Christopher Welty, Research Scientist – IBM Research

Photo of Chris WeltyIn the traditional vision of AI, understanding flowed from perception through language to knowledge… This is the root of all semantic technology today. However, over time, the failure of the AI community to achieve this end-to-end vision made many, especially those in NLP, question the endpoint. In this talk, we show that it was the vision, not the technology, that deserved to be doubted. Semantic technology has significant value in accomplishing tasks that require understanding, but it is not the endpoint.

The Restructuring of Knowledge
by David Weinberger, Co-director – Harvard Library Innovation Lab

Photo of David WeinbergerIn this session, we will look at the networking of knowledge in science, education, and more to see the opportunities and dangers when knowledge can at last scale up to a world that has from its beginning been too big to know. Will our understanding be able to keep up with our knowledge? How much will Big Data help, especially if it’s also taking on properties of the Internet: linked, messy, and always in contention? Will we even recognize what knowledge is becoming?

Open, Mobile, Participatory Health
by Deborah Estrin, Professor of Computer Science – Cornell NYC Tech

Photo of Deborah EstrinThe information about a person’s health and medical conditions is complex, messy, and usually hard to access. To make this information work for us, we need an open, flexible data architecture. And we’re not just talking about electronic medical records here, but the increasing variety of available data streams, including the real-time monitoring of our bodies and behaviors, throughout every day.

Expanding Your Horizons: Using Cross-Domain Semantics to Deliver Higher Impact Intelligence
by YY Lee, COO – FirstRain, Inc.

Photo of YY LeeIn many real enterprise business applications, you must simultaneously serve the intelligence needs of stakeholders and users across vastly different business domains… The challenge is how to develop scalable, coherent semantic platforms—not amalgamations of dozens, or hundreds, of fractured engines—that actually solve the information problem across these two axes. YY Lee will present how FirstRain has approached this challenge as a small analytics software company, building a consolidated enterprise-class system that can effectively address many different information domains – and yet has also moved continually up the “content scope” axis.

View the full schedule here.

Register Today

Early bird registration is now open for SemTechBiz. Register by September 25 to save $300. Group discounts and academic rates are also available.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Companies should contact Frank Fazio at eventsales@mediabistro.com or +1.203.662.2887 for available opportunities.

About SemTechBiz

Packed with innovative panels, case studies, and real-world perspectives, SemTechBiz attendees receive practical advice, hands-on guidance, and meaningful takeaways that the conference’s business luminaries and subject matter veterans bring to the table. Learn from experience gained at companies such as Viacom, Martha Stewart, Tribune Company, JP Morgan, and Elsevier.

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