Nara Logics Bringing Its Personalized Recommendations to Europe


Teresa Novellino of Upstart reports, "Nara Logics, the Cambridge, Massachusetts-based startup, announced today that it is bringing its technology nationwide in the United States and to 20 cities in Europe, where users can now get personalized recommendations on restaurants and hotels both on the Web and via mobile apps on their smartphones. Founded in 2010 by serial entrepreneur Thomas Copeman and built by MIT neuro- and computer scientist Nathan Wilson, Nara uses a brain-like learning algorithm, or artificial intelligence, to deliver the restaurant and hotel recommendations for specific users. It has trademarked the name of this ability as 'Digital DNA,' and the idea behind it is to cut through the irrelevant search results and go straight to the results that perfectly fit the user’s tastes."


Novellino goes on, "As Wilson, who is chief technology officer of Nara Logics, put it in the release today. 'Our ability to analyze and re-index big data at Internet-scale has allowed us to expand the platform across new verticals and now into international territories very quickly.' Copeman, the chief executive officer of Nara, told me the European expansion is particularly exciting because being in Europe puts Nara in a geographic company with startups like Spotify and Skype, and it also exposes them to a European audience that is both hungry for new technology and enthusiastic about traveling."


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